Art Therapy

Art therapy utilizes a person’s creative faculties in the area of art to develop their physical and emotional health. Its roots are entrenched in the concept of relying on self-expression to awaken an individual’s own problem solving capacities. This form of therapy focuses on a person’s positive well-being and strives to increase their self-awareness, self-esteem, and productive behavior traits. Art therapy combines traditional techniques found in psychotherapy and counseling with the creative process required in manifesting visual art and human development. Developers of art therapy include Margaret Naumburg, Edith Kramer, Hanna Kwiatkowska, Harriet Wadeson, and Florence Cane.

  • Psychological Issues Treated by Art Therapy
  • Hanna Kwiatkowska
  • Healing through Art Therapy
  • Art Therapist Training

Psychological Issues Treated by Art Therapy

People of all ages can benefit from this form of therapy and positive results can be achieved for symptoms including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Trauma
  • Other emotional and relational issues

In addition, this form of therapy also benefits those with physical and neurological ailments and other psychosocial challenges due to medical conditions.

Healing through Art Therapy

Art therapists have a comprehensive understanding of the powerful healing effect that the creative process has on the client, and they use psychological, spiritual, and artistic theories coupled with clinical techniques to achieve the desired outcome. Valuation tools and treatment methods are guided by artistic principals, and clinicians share these findings cooperatively with other treating professionals. Art therapists work with individuals as well as groups, families, and communities to improve the awareness of clients’ own emotional states. Their services are an integral part of many rehabilitation and mental health facilities, forensic and medical industries, and various other social and community institutions that strive to benefit the whole through the use of the creative process.