“Inspiration surrounds us but it is the experiences in life that awaken us”

Hole Hearted is inspired by this incredibly strong and loving, young boy named Dominic. If you met Dominic on any ordinary day, you would never know he had a heart condition and all he has endured since birth – he is a continued inspiration to everyone who meets him but most of all to his family & friends.

Always smiling, laughing and willing to lend a hand – he is truly a blessing.

 2002 Rady Children’s Hospital




Dominic was born with T.O.F (Tetralogy of Fallot), which are four defects within the heart. One of which was a defected pulmonary valve, that was removed when he was rushed into his first open heart surgery at three months old, after turning blue and limp one scary morning at home.


Dominic recovered from his surgery after wonderful care at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego and returned home a few weeks later. Although Dominic was repaired for now, his quality of life was poor. He was always sick with a very depleted immunity from the continuous antibiotics. He was on the lower percentile for his growth and weight.

It got to the point where all medical resources had been exhausted and the decision was made to take him to a naturopathic/homeopathic professional to get educated on alternative methods and nutrition. He was three at the time and started a new dairy free diet (among other changes) and light supplements. Within months, Dominic made a complete turnaround and was on the road to a happier lifestyle.