Hole Hearted’s vision is to provide education and access to integrative treatment options for children facing the challenges of degenerative diseases.

Hole Hearted is a 501(C)3 non-profit that focuses on enriching the quality of life for children ages 0-18 who have been born with a degenerative disease and/or disability. Hole Hearted will assist the parent and child by providing a list of local and approved alternative health professional(s) and will cover the cost of the visit. Our goal is to enrich the quality of life for these children through natural medicine and the vast alternative and integrative treatments available today.

Alternative medicine has been used for centuries, focusing on the root of the problem rather than the symptoms and allowing the body to work in its natural form while free of dangerous side effects. Most alternative health options are not covered by Health Insurance and the only option that’s left is to pay out of pocket. Hole Hearted will set up a specifically designed wellness program for each child. This program will include a series of office visits with professionals who can guide the parent and child through the different treatments options. Through these treatments we hope to create the most optimal and efficient process to sustain a healthier way of life, that’s worth living.

Hole Hearted cares about the WHOLE person and helping to mend the HOLES we are all born with through alternative and integrative treatment. Teaching the parent and child how powerful the -BODY-MIND-SPIRIT- can be when it is powered by natural remedies and nutrition. When you can achieve balance between these three crucial life practices, the result is a more enjoyable and peaceful lifestyle.